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In addition to the coaching service, Dr. Aimone Ferri offers other types of services such as advice and dietary plans or diet therapy according to the diagnosis and prescription of the doctor (Ministerial Decree 744 of 1994, professional profile of the Dietitian).


It lasts about 45'-60 ', it will be done via Skype or Zoom at an agreed time. We can discuss any specific issues, lifestyle needs and nutrition rather than specific supplementation.

Depending on the case, a few days after the consultation, I can send a written report and any my advice or considerations of the case, and I always offer 3 weeks of support via Telegram or email for any clarification or need relating to the consultation.

In the event (rare in my experience) that it takes several weeks for other questions it is appropriate to repeat the consultation because it means that there are other things to review and discuss.

Some examples of things I deal with during counseling:

  • Organization of meals and the day

  • Nutrition for sporting and pre-race performance

  • Digestive or digestive problems (eg IBS and IBD)

  • Symptoms attributable to inadequate nutrition (tiredness, mood problems, concentration, weakness etc.)

  • Problems related to eating habits, emotional eating (nervous hunger) or eating disorders (mild, subclinical or otherwise in collaboration with your psychiatrist or psychotherapist psychologist)

  • Related to the previous point: coping strategies, advice on how to proceed in the correct path

  • Supplementation of all kinds for physical and mental performance

  • Nutrition and supplementation for the prevention of pathologies, improvement or recovery from injuries


Modalities and duration like the online consultation, but it will be specific to create a meal plan if you have no pathologies or if you have specific pathologies, a diet therapy according to medical prescription (a white prescription certifying your pathology and the request for a diet is sufficient).

The aspects covered are the same as those of the online consultancy, the difference is that in this case I will also prepare a food plan or a diet to follow, with scheduled checkups.

Some examples of pathologies and diet therapies that I treat:


  • Type 1 and 2 diabetes

  • Dyslipidemias

  • Ketogenic diets (from VLCKD to classic KD)

  • Vegetarian and vegan diets and supplementation

  • PCOS


Some examples of diets or diseases that I do not treat with food because I consider the intervention harmful, useless or without scientific consent:


  • Low-calorie diet for normal or overweight adolescents (nutritional education is required)

  • Diet for Adrenal fatigue or adrenal fatigue

  • Diet for Hashimoto's thyroiditis

  • Paleo diet

  • Carnivore diet or carnivore diet

  • Detox or "detoxifying"

  • Low calorie diet for eating disorders

  • Total fasting

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