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Welcome on this page and thanks for the interesting in our coaching service, in the following you can find a detailed look at how we structure our service and the templates you'll be using when you decide to work with us.

We mainly rely on two apps that you likely already know:

  • MyFitnessPal: here we'll ask you to keep track of what you eat, frequency and precision are context-dependent so don't be scared we will not ask you to track everything everyday

  • Google Sheet: here we will share with you all the templates where keep track of nutritional and training data

The amount of data we will ask you to write down depends on the type of goal and what is doable for you, we have a wide range of clients and we understand everyone is different.

Nutritional Data

In the picture below you can see a snippet from you diary with weekly macros assigned, an automatic score of adherence based on averages, bodyweight and nutritional data.


We also have additional columns that we sometime ask to track based on individual weekly feedback, though some clients always fill them in we stress that this is not mandatory so don't get overwhelmed 



For those who find it difficult to structure meals from the assigned macros we have a sheet where you can tell us what your schedule looks like and we can help you structure the day to improve adherence.

Obiettivi per Pasto.png


Here we track the measurements and submit photos for physical evaluation.



Here you will find a weekly and monthly weight chart that we use to track your progress based on calories followed.



And of course there is the training sheet, below an example of a session of one of our clients, each exercise is accompanied by a link to a youtube video that can be clicked directly from the sheet, notes and metabolic techniques where necessary, series, repetitions and personalized recoveries based on the objectives.


We only ask you to write down loads and repetitions performed, not necessarily during training, what matters is that we have the data on google before the checkin.


It is possible to indicate perceived effort and the coach can indicate which exercises to send the video for to evaluate execution.

Other features included in the service:

  • automatic suggestion of loads based on the performance of the previous week

  • data analysis for the evaluation of stalls and / or regressions on the exercises

Weekly Check-In

For weekly check-in we ask you to:


  1. Send us a report of the week in text, audio or video format on the week following a schedule suggested by us

  2. Upload all weekly data

    1. foods of MyFitnessPal

    2. body weight

    3. loads and repetitions done in workouts

    4. circumferences and / or photos when requested


Within 24 hours you will receive video feedback from your coach with evaluation of the week and explanation of any changes made to the training program and objectives, the duration of the video varies from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 15 minutes depending on the amount of information to analyze.


Your proficiency coach will provide you with his or her phone number for:


  • Send the videos of the exercises performed and receive a technical evaluation during the week

  • Communicate feelings, doubts and problems regarding assigned workouts or goals

  • Receive communications regarding checkins and more


We respond to messages within 24 hours (usually much sooner), in order to allow us to handle messages from all customers efficiently we ask that you limit yourself to:


  • emergencies for which you cannot wait for check-in

  • sending videos of the performances

  • text messages or short audio messages of 1-2 minutes

Minimum requirements to get started

We follow a wide range of clients who differ in objectives, age and experience, the only requirements to work with us are:


  • some experience in nutrient tracking on any app

  • habit of scoring loads and repetitions of workouts

  • a minimum of weight training experience

How much?

The cost of the service is information that we prefer to give once we receive the client's application to ensure that we are not chosen for the cost but for the quality of the service.

How to get started

The first step is to fill in the google application questionnaire, you will receive a video response within 48 hours with information on prices and methods. Click on the image of the coach you want to work with to continue.






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